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Access Token

An access token is a unique authorization credential that grants a user or application access to specific resources or functionalities within a system or platform. In the context of the Synternet Data Layer (DL) and Developer Portal, an access token serves as a secure means of authentication for dApp owners and developers.


A broker is a node that integrates NATS (NATS Streaming). It acts as an intermediary between publishers and subscribers.

Cosmos SDK

Cosmos SDK is a framework designed for building application-specific blockchains. It provides a set of tools and libraries that enable developers to create their own blockchain networks with custom functionalities.

dApp backend

A dApp backend refers to a service owned by the developer of the dApp. It is responsible for managing dApp user access, applying the business logic to the dApp as well as consuming, and transforming the data from the data streams.

dApp owner (developer)

A dApp owner, also called as a developer interchangeably here, is the individual or entity responsible for creating and maintaining a decentralized application. They register the dApp with the Data Layer and manage its operations.

Data Layer

The Decentralized Real-Time Data Layer Solution is a cutting-edge data architecture designed to enable efficient and autonomous access to real-time data from multiple blockchains, including, but not limited to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Aptos, Base, Osmosis. Built on the principles of the Data Layer framework, this solution revolutionizes the way organizations consume and utilize blockchain data by decentralizing ownership and governance while promoting self-serve access.

Data Streams

Data streams are a fundamental component of the decentralized real-time data layer solution. They represent the real-time flow of blockchain data provided by publishers and made available for consumption by consumers. Data streams consist of continuous and up-to-date information from blockchains, such as transactional data, smart contract events, token transfers, and other relevant activities. These streams enable dApps and other applications to access and utilize real-time blockchain data for various purposes, including analytics, monitoring, and decision-making processes.

Developer portal

The developer portal is a website owned by Synternet where developers can access various resources and tools. It allows developers to call the faucet service, register their dApps, and access relevant documentation. The developer portal can be found at

Keplr Wallet

Keplr plays a crucial role in the Synternet Data Layer (DL) ecosystem, providing authentication and access to interactions with the blockchain. It serves as a key tool for developers and users to participate in the Data Layer's data streams, subscriptions, and publishing activities.


A publisher is a source of NATS topic messages. It can be any software component that listens to blockchain data streams (e.g., Bitcoin, Solana, Osmosis transactions) or web2 data (e.g., hourly weather in Los Angeles) and pushes messages to a broker within the Data Layer.


A dApp (decentralized application) refers to a decentralized application created by a developer. The metadata associated with the dApp is stored in the Synternet blockchain, and it utilizes Data Layer data streams for data management and accessibility.

Testnet Network Faucet

The Test Network Faucet is a service provided by Synternet that allows developers to request and receive testnet Amber tokens. These tokens are used to interact with the development network blockchain and test their dApps before deploying them to the production network.